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NZ Colour Management is committed to fullfilling the Colour Management needs of New Zealand’s growing Graphics community. As a branch of Forensic Imaging Limited, which has been providing unparalleled Colour Management services for over 10 years, NZ Colour Management maintains that same level of service and expertise the New Zealand Graphics community has come to expect and rely upon.

Our colour management expertise covers a wide range of devices, media and workflow management tools including monitors, printers, digital cameras, scanners, printing presses, pre-press, photo processing plants, and wide format printers. NZ Colour Management uses state of the art profiling technology from Gretag Macbeth/X-Rite to produce high quality device profiles complying to International Colour Consortium (ICC) specifications. Each ICC Colour Profile undergoes rigid quality control analysis before being released to our customers.

Investment in Colour Management allows printers and publishers to improve returns, enhance productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

Effective colour management implementation will:

Improve the quality and predictability of output
Simplify proofing
Reduce rework
Reduce turnaround time
Ensure that the colour capability of equipment is fully exploited